The Novus

Book I

Makenna Grace Gold is just your average 12-year-old girl. That is, until she is told that she must protect her newborn brother and sister to safeguard the future of the world.

The Apprentus

Book II

Makenna Grace Gold is the Virago. At barely thirteen-years-old, she has been entrusted by the forces of good to protect her twin siblings Emi and Noah from the evil forces that seek to destroy them. 

The Trivmviratvs

Book III

In her previous adventure, 13-year-old Makenna Grace Gold defeated a seven-headed Red Dragon in China. She’s the Virago, a “Protector of Protectors” who shares a heroic lineage with Joan of Arc. However, a Souler has taken her father Michael’s soul to the Under Realms.


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